Demand and Term Investments


Demand Investments

Demand Investments are liquid accounts that can be added to or withdrawn from at any time. They can also be used to fund new term investments. Many of our investors have a demand account in addition to their term investments due to their liquid nature and competitive interest rate.  

Term Investments

Term Investments (occasionally referred to as certificates) pay a fixed rate for a stated period of time. Once an investment is opened, it cannot be added to or extended, but the interest earned is always available for your withdrawal. Our rate structure incentivizes larger and longer investments, and our terms can be broken and your funds released with a 3-month interest penalty.

Special Investments

Cornerstone Kids is a special rate we offer to our youngest investors as a way to practice stewardship and prepare for adolescent expenses like higher education.

First Steps

Interested investors who would like more information can request an application packet by clicking here or call us toll-free at 877.228.8810 to request an application packet via USPS.
Investors ready to open a new account or add another investment to an existing account can download an investment application here
The Fund does not offer investments in the following states: Louisiana, New Jersey, Oklahoma, South Carolina, West Virginia, and Washington D.C.