Church Savings Certificate

Your church should be earning as much interest as possible on its savings. We have a way for you to earn an outstanding interest rate, which means more money for your church, all while having maximum accessibility to your funds.

The Church Savings Certificate is a demand account with no limits or penalties on additions or withdrawals. The Church Savings Certificate is available to Converge churches and ministries, or like-minded organizations working in partnership with Converge.

Investing is easy as it only requires the following documentation:

  • Investment application
  • Corporate resolution
  • Authorized signature form
  • VOID Check

Once the forms are completed with the initial investment, future additions and withdraws can be completed by sending an email from an authorized signer to

Fill out the contact form below to start earning your church more money, or continue by reviewing the Offering Circular and downloading the investment application.

Church Savings

Demand Investments

Church Savings$1001.125%