Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

Our no-fee Cornerstone Fund IRAs are a great way to support the ministry of the Fund while taking advantage of the tax benefits of an IRA. We offer both Traditional and Roth IRAs and accept rollovers and transfers from other qualified programs. If you’re just starting off with us, you can open your account with as little as $10. Our IRAs are a “demand” type account with no early redemption fees assessed by the Fund. Most participants are eligible to contribute $5,500 a year or $6,500 if the investor is over 50. The Fund does not offer IRAs in the following states: Louisiana, New Jersey, Oklahoma, South Carolina, West Virginia, and Washington D.C.

First Steps

Interested investors who would like more information can request an application packet or by calling us  at 877.228.8810 to request a packet via USPS. If you have additional questions, email Melody McCumber.

Individual Retirement Accounts

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