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Written by Pastor Bill Johnson, of Beloit Road Baptist Church

Bible Teaching In Paraguay

Mission Goals: To come alongside and give rest and renewal to the missionaries with New Tribes Mission in Paraguay. The missionaries engage in tribal work by learning the language so that they may proclaim the Gospel and translate the Scriptures into tribal language and see churches established.

We want to thank the Cornerstone Fund for joining together with us in ministering to the New Tribes Missionaries (31 families) in Paraguay from December 3-20, 2015. Our goal was to encourage and give some respite to the missionaries as they attended their field conference. We had 12 people, ages 12-70, participate in our team.

We ran a youth program for their children. It served their children up through the high school ages so that the parents could all partake in the conference and spend time together as ministers of the Gospel. We ran a modified VBS program where we taught the Word, made crafts and played games with the children. One of the people from our group was also a speaker to the adults at the conference.

We also provided many gifts for each family. To do this we contacted the field office and found out some of things they enjoyed but was hard for them to get there. We then purchased and filled many suitcases full of coloring books, crayons, food mixes, soaps, small toys, etc. When we got there we sorted and placed items on tables and the families were able to go through and choose all the items that they needed. One couple related that their parents sent a Christmas package of coloring books and crayons but they were all ruined in the mail and were disappointed that they would have little to offer the children for Christmas. They were able to recoup the loss through the gifts that we were able to supply through the generosity of the congregation and Converge Cornerstone Fund.

Many of the families came up after the conference to express their appreciation and thankfulness for our participation. We came to encourage the missionaries and we are not sure who received the most encouragement, the team or the missionaries! It was a wonderful time and we pray that God would bear much fruit through the renewal and encouragement of these faithful servants.

The highlight of the trip was our journey to see the fruit of the missionary’s tribal work in process. In the area (East Central Paraguay) there were already two churches planted. We were able to worship with both of the congregations, one was about 100 in number and the other was about 15. We shared our testimonies and they shared theirs. It was an awesome time to see how God is working and changing lives amongst the people. They are excited about their faith and are memorizing the Scriptures. It is truly impacting the way they live.