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Written by Grace Church staff member Mike Williams


Around the world educational and social injustice is rampant. Many children are without proper nutrition, clean water, or opportunity for advancement. In many places poverty has forced young girls and boys into enslavement by the human trafficking industry to support themselves and their family. This is it happening to over 20 million children every year. It is happening within the reach of many churches. It is unconscionable to know that easily reachable children are still without the basics of human dignity and justice, many are a mere 90 minutes off the coast of Florida.Our mission is simple is to “Rescue Children, Transform Families and Do it again tomorrow”. The Cups Of Cold Water Dominican/Haitian project was born twelve years ago in the heart of a member of Grace Church in Lakeland, Florida. Although the daily operation of the ministry has developed a much larger footprint, the desire to truly bring about sustainable transformation for children and families remains the foundation. Daily activities include English language classes, reading classes, life skills classes, athletics, and sewing classes for at-risk children. Marital counseling and a gardening program provide food to sustain each of the project families. There is weekly work at the CUPS Orphanage partnership ministry and a weekly movie outreach to remote villages. Additionally, houses for poor families are added to the community every year. There are currently three community center buildings and three churches.

A portion of our financial resources are used to feed 150 poor Haitians who now live and search for their daily food in the Sosua, Dominican Republic garbage dump. The summer of 2016 will see the launch of a new training program for the children living in these horrible conditions. Our hope is to see these earthquake refugee children experience a hope and a future through the hands of Christ and His church.

All of the missionaries that serve Cups Of Cold Water raise their own financial support. This allows every donated dollar to go directly into the needed project. The Grace Church / CUPS mission celebrates the strategic partnership with the Cornerstone Fund in bringing a new community center to a brand new village of 180 houses. It is through gifts like this that true long term ministry takes place.

The photo you see of Childa Mevil was taken in front of her former house. It was a 10 X 14 dirt floor shack with a bucket for a toilet, but not anymore. Chelda and her family are just one of many families being transformed by the kindness of people all over the country who have donated to Cups of Cold Water and made a tangible difference. Chelda’s father, once an impoverished Haitian immigrant now oversees our dump ministry and preaches there each week.

On behalf of Grace Church, hundreds of children and their families, and Chelda, we say “THANK YOU” to the Cornerstone Fund. May God bless your work in distributing the glorious gospel of Jesus to the world.