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On Saturday, October 02, 2016, Dr. Lou Petrie was asked to speak at Ignite Community Church in Elk Gove, CA pastored by Ernie Cabrera.  The Saturday morning worship service was well attended by hard working individuals who are usually occupied on Sunday’s. There was a rousing session of worship, and Dr. Lou preached a message from Haggai.  The people responded with overwhelming joy at the message.  Ignite is currently in the process of renovating their facility with a loan from Cornerstone Fund.  Pastor Romy led the service.  Later that afternoon, Dr. Lou Petrie led a Simple Will Seminar for Ignite.  A great many people commented on the need for biblical teaching on stewardship and legacy giving.  Some local church pastors from other churches attended this meeting.

To watch sermons from Ignite Community Church check out their Youtube channel.