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Converge Cornerstone Fund recently made a loan to Mill City Church of Minneapolis, MN. The Cornerstone team is always delighted to help a church that is reaching out and serving its community. Converge churches are continuing to multiply. Thanks to the thousands of investors who are helping Cornerstone grow. Please read more about Mill City Church and how they are serving Northeast Minneapolis.

Mill City was birthed in homes in Northeast Minneapolis seven years ago this summer (2015). Individuals and families relocated to this part of the city to be a part of this church and its mission “to love our community in the name of Jesus.”
We have been doing that ever since. We worship at Sheridan School, a public school in Northeast Minneapolis. Mill City partners with various groups in the community as well as other churches in the area in an effort we call Mission Northeast. The Sheridan Story was birthed out of our church because of the relationship we built with the school where we worship. Mill City is about 350-400 people, including young professionals, singles, married coupples, and a growing number of those in their empty-nester years.


Mill City Church exists to “love our community in the name of Jesus.” This mission statement is the ‘why’ behind everything we do as a church.

We believe that Jesus was the ultimate example of selfless and unconditional love. He loved the world enough to give his life. We have the opportunity to love those God put in our lives with an overflow of the love that God has shown us.

When we use the term “community” we mean Northeast Minneapolis, where we worship and many of us live. Community also means our church community and our desire to care for each other as members of one family, the family of God. Finally, community means the different communities represented by those of us who are a part of Mill City. We love our neighborhoods, workplaces, schools and families in the name of Jesus.

The only reason we have an opportunity to love and serve others is because of what Jesus has done for us. All of us fail to live up to the life God wants for us, and it is because Jesus conquered death that we have an opportunity to have a relationship with God. We believe that if we trust and follow Jesus Christ, our lives will be changed and we’ll become more and more the people God intends for us to be.

Because of this, we desire Jesus’ name to be made known, not our church, as we love in Jesus name.

What are ways we live the mission?
We pray for the city of Minneapolis that God’s Kingdom will come.
We have our worship service at Sheridan School and have a friendship with their staff.
We love and serve our community partners.
We feed kids through The Sheridan Story.
We pursue unity in the Church of Northeast Minneapolis through Mission Northeast.
We become extended families on mission through Missional Communities.

Our experience with Cornerstone:

Mill City was not looking for a space for Sunday morning worship, but rather office space and a hub for midweek fellowship. Mill City is focused on training and equipping members of our church and longed to have our own space.

We also desired for our office to be an asset to the local neighborhood as we focus on reaching the local community. We had a great experience with Cornerstone. Without Cornerstone Fund, we would not have had the opportunity to purchase the building. We were thrilled to have qualified for a loan that covered the whole purchase of the building and for a quick loan closing which allowed us the ability to move in quickly.

Many of our church members were pleased to learn that the money we pay into the fund through interest helps fund other ministry and initiatives throughout Converge. We are very appreciative and see this as God’s provision for us through Cornerstone Fund.

The building we purchased was formerly used by a construction company that decided to close its doors and liquidate their assets about a year and a half ago. We had an interesting experience in which the former owner of the property took our lower offer, trusting our offer although it was contingent on a vote of our membership (since we didn’t have time to vote before the offer). If the owner had wanted to, he could have had his realtor get a bidding war going and would have made much more money. We believe that God used his generosity and his trust to make this possible for us as well.

God is at work at Mil City Church! We are grateful for the partnership of Converge Cornerstone Fund.  Thank you to all the investors who have trusted their funds to Cornerstone Fund. Those dollars allowed our church to move into our new building.


Pastor – Mill City Church