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MapleRidge Church

MapleRidge Church was born when Osseo Baptist Church and Northwest Baptist Church, both founded in the 1950s, came together in 1984 to become Praise Community Church. This name expressed their desire to be known for praising God and reaching the community for Jesus. In 1991, Praise Community Church renamed itself MapleRidge Church due to its location on a ridge along Maple Knoll Way. The church currently resides in the heart of the city of Maple Grove, Minnesota.

MapleRidge started working with Converge Cornerstone fund in 2107, as they sought to add a new Christian education space and renovate their gym. The accompanying photos show inside and outside views of the new Christian education space and gym.

MapleRidge Church members are continuing to serve God and enjoy watching to see what He does in their midst and how He directs the church. As a congregation, they want to serve the Father and people of Maple Grove, and any who walks through our doors. It’s about people and sharing the good news of Jesus.

With this improved ministry space, MapleRidge Church has been fostering an amazing children’s ministry with lots of kids coming to the Awana program on Wednesday evenings. As a result of Awana, more young families are choosing to become part of this growing church family. Having an updated ministry space has created excitement for the church as they are continually finding new ways to engage the community.

Demand Investments

Church Savings$50001.750%

Individual Retirement Accounts

Over $100,0003.250%

Term Investments

6 Month2.000%2.000%2.125%2.250%
1 Year2.125%2.125%2.250%2.375%
2 Year2.250%2.250%2.375%2.500%
3 Year2.375%2.375%2.500%2.625%
4 Year2.500%2.500%2.625%2.750%
5 Year3.125%3.125%3.125%3.125%

Special Investments

Cornerstone Kids (5 Year)$2503.125%