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Prepare for the Unexpected

When it rains it pours. You know how it goes: Something bad happens, then something even worse happens right afterward. I’m sure you can remember when you’ve been victimized by the raining/pouring effect. It hit my family last week.

One day, my family’s dryer stopped working. A couple days later, our refrigerator went out. But as clouds of inconvenience formed overhead, we were prepared enough to not get drenched in a financial storm.

Around this time last year, we started the process of becoming debt-free. One of the first steps was to create an emergency (rainy day) fund.

It took some time, but we were able to sock away the recommended $1,000 into a Cornerstone Fund Demand Investment. I was quite comfortable knowing that my funds were easily accessible and able to be transferred into my bank account the next day.

Thanks to a YouTube video, I was able to fix my dryer somewhat inexpensively. But the refrigerator was still an unplanned larger expense that used up a hefty portion of our emergency fund. Without preparing our rainy day fund in advance, our family would have been in a much more difficult situation. Instead, we now have a functional dryer and a newer refrigerator.

With the Cornerstone Fund Demand Investment, you’ll earn an outstanding rate of 1.625%. Your funds also help start and strengthen churches locally and globally.

Benefits of a Cornerstone Fund Demand Investment:

  • You’ll earn an outstanding rate of 1.625%
  • Your funds are readily available to transfer usually within one business day
  • Your funds help start and strengthen churches locally and around the world

If you’ve already gone through your journey to becoming debt-free and are working toward a fully-funded emergency fund, the Converge Cornerstone Fund is here to help.

Emergency funds help provide support for some of life’s biggest surprises. Learn how we can help you set one up today.

Demand Investments

Church Savings$50001.750%

Individual Retirement Accounts

Over $100,0003.250%

Term Investments

6 Month2.000%2.000%2.125%2.250%
1 Year2.125%2.125%2.250%2.375%
2 Year2.250%2.250%2.375%2.500%
3 Year2.375%2.375%2.500%2.625%
4 Year2.500%2.500%2.625%2.750%
5 Year3.125%3.125%3.125%3.125%

Special Investments

Cornerstone Kids (5 Year)$2503.125%