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Redeeming Hope receives church planting grant

Redeeming Hope is a new church plant in Clarksville Tennessee pastored by Josh and Rachel Young. Recently Converge Cornerstone Fund awarded their church a grant to help them purchase signs, buy equipment and pay rent which will enable them to continue reaching people who don’t know Jesus. At the foundation of both our ministries is the desire to help people meet, know and follow Jesus.

A big thank you to all that have partnered with our ministry. Whether you’re a church with a loan or an investor, your partnership made this grant available to Redeeming Hope.

Demand Investments

Church Savings$50001.750%

Individual Retirement Accounts

Over $100,0003.250%

Term Investments

6 Month2.000%2.000%2.125%2.250%
1 Year2.125%2.125%2.250%2.375%
2 Year2.250%2.250%2.375%2.500%
3 Year2.375%2.375%2.500%2.625%
4 Year2.500%2.500%2.625%2.750%
5 Year3.125%3.125%3.125%3.125%

Special Investments

Cornerstone Kids (5 Year)$2503.125%