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Whether you’re a new investor or considered a regular, your funds are making a difference in churches around the nation. Your investment is hard at work within Converge churches, I want encourage you to take a look at a recent loan Cornerstone Fund made to Lafayette Community Church. We are excited to see God bless their ministry and are eager to see how God uses their new building to reach the surrounding community.

Quick Review

For months now, we have been talking about the possibility of purchasing 2301 Concord Road. In many respects, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for us, but there were also some concerns.

  • First we were concerned about the emotional response of our congregation to the fact that it is next door to a strip club, but the overwhelming majority of people in our congregation believed that location was exactly where a church like ours should be for the sake of bringing a spiritual home to the spiritually homeless!
  • Secondly, we were concerned about the safety and security of our own children and families in making the move, but after a lot of prayer and planning, we came up with strategies to improve our security policies before we even relocate.
  • Thirdly, we were concerned about the buildout cost. After talking to an architect, we learned that we would need to spend nearly $200,000 on the remodel!

As a result, we just turned to prayer. Every Saturday evening for the past few months, we have met in front of the building to pray together that if God wanted us to buy that space, he would open the doors for it to happen, and if he didn’t want us to go there, he would shut them convincingly.

All along, I began to feel increasingly that the financial doors were slowly closing, but we kept meeting to pray and ask for God to lead.

Ultimately, the financial piece all boiled down to how much the building would appraise for. If we had a high enough appraisal, then we would be able to borrow enough to buy it and do the buildout, but if it didn’t, we wouldn’t, and that would be our clear sign from God that the door was shut.

Doors Kicked Down!

Well, today, I got word back from our lender that the appraisal hasn’t been finalized, but it is finished enough to give us ballpark figures. And would you like to know what those ballpark figures are?

According to our appraiser, the final value of the building after construction is complete will be roughly $800,000! And since our loan is for 75% of the final value of the building, they will give us $600,000!

Did you see that?

The purchase price of the building is $400,000.

The remodel costs are estimated at just under $200,000.

Our loan will be exactly what we need!

I can’t get over how absolutely perfectly this has worked out.

God didn’t just open the door of this opportunity, he basically kicked it right down!

We have concluded that this is not just an opportunity that makes sense practically but that this is the move God is leading us to make.

Therefore, we are going for it and the closing date is now on my calendar for Monday, September 28.

Bonus Blessing

On top of the wonderful news from the appraiser today, something else happened this week that confirms to me God’s guidance in all this. On Sunday, I announced that our closing would happen as soon as this Friday the 25th if all the numbers worked out the way we needed them too. Well, Sunday afternoon, I got an email from our Treasurer telling me that someone put a check in our donation box on Sunday for $25,000! That’s right baby! The single largest gift we have ever received as a church!

I don’t know if the donor was inspired by our announcement about the building or if God had just blessed them in an amazing way and they wanted to share it with the church, but am dumbfounded and humbled by that incredible act of generosity and vision.

I’m more pumped up than ever about the future of our church and this mission we are on. It’s time for us to kick it up a notch and get busy making this new space into a spiritual home for all the spiritually homeless we can find.

So What’s Next?

So, what that means for us as a church is this:

  • We close on the building next Monday, September 28.
  • We will need your prayers for each step of the remodel.
  • We will need your continued financial support to our General Fund and also to our Capital Campaign fund.
  • We will need your involvement.
    • Skilled work (electricians, carpenters, plumbers, flooring, etc.)
    • Less-skilled work (demolition, painting)
    • Project Managers (Pastor Billy will be the main project manager, but he could use some assistance.)
    • Artists and Interior Designers (We want to pull together a design group to help us create the environments.)
    • Photographers (to document the process with stills and video)
    • Social Media Mavens (to help us keep the communication channels flowing)


To learn more about Lafayette Community Church check out their website and learn more about their ongoing campaign.