Posted on Oct 24, 2018 by Converge |

Todd Arrambide- Lead Pastor- High Point Church

There are certain things every pastor longs to hear.
1. “I’m repenting of my sin, and I’m gonna follow Jesus.”
2. “I want to be discipled.”
3. “I’d like to be baptized.”
4. “I’m ready to serve.”
5. “I’m upping my giving.”
6. …and “Yes, Cornerstone Fund can do your loan!”

After seven years of ministry, High Point Church, a church plant meeting in a middle school, stumbled upon an opportunity to buy a church building in the center of the trendy, historic downtown of Snohomish, Washington. This possibility would put our church directly in touch with coffee shops, pubs, restaurants, merchants and even a farmers market that meets directly in front of the church.

To paint the picture accurately; over the previous two years High Point Church had been in a prolonged season of steady decline as it weathered changes in key leaders and then, it’s well-loved lead pastor and his wife resigned to take care of an aging family member. When a church is licking its wounds like this, its pretty hard to see opportunity. Yet, as you know, God’s provision seldom knocks when everything is easy, so when we heard the faithful knocking of God, we proceeded with cautious expectations and hopeful feet. After nearly six months of negotiations with the selling church, we completed the deal thanks to the nimble and creative leadership of Paul Kruit and his team at the Cornerstone Fund. We really appreciated that besides looking at our cash flow and financials, Cornerstone needed to know about people coming to faith, baptisms and discipleship programs.

For High Point Church, the building really has changed everything. We are a church that filters everything we do through one simple question: “Does it make disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus?” With our new building, this question is much easier for us to answer as we have added men’s, women’s, youth, children’s, Alpha, FPU, midweek dinner and adult midweek teaching. More people are being discipled than any other time in the history of our church, the attendance of the congregation has nearly tripled, and we’ve added seven new pastors and two new directors. We have more teachers teaching, and more leaders are leading than any time in our little history, and our annual giving is even up 67 percent. This all came to us from the gentle hands of Jesus, and we are so thankful he sometimes uses architecture to grow people into a bigger vision. Our congregation still weekly comments, “I can’t believe we get to worship here.”

We are so grateful to God and his leaders at the Cornerstone Fund who saw our upside when we were climbing out of a season of decline. Their willingness to look at our best and our ministry sets them apart from any other lender. Thank you, Cornerstone Fund!